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Surface Finish Chemicals

Plating is widely used in industries to avoid any type of corrosions, harsh environments, Decorative, Engineering & Electroforming application as single layer, double layer, multi-layer In bright as well as mat finish, current APPLICATION TREND in NICKEL Base, CHROME Base salts, In plating industry is as :




Nickel / Chromium plated bumpers & grills are increasingly getting popularity and areused in Expensive Cars toextend the life of the components. Consumer demand creates a large after - market for decorative hardware, including Nickel chromium plated Wheels.Consumers also demand a large decorative on domestic Sanitary products, Door fittings, hardware items for Interiors, Accessories, NON -Automotive & Engineering products.

It is the measure of surface irregularities with a spacing greater than that of surface roughness, to determine finishes is to purchase material from a company, whose polish material to a specified Ra finish, Is need to measure surface finishes of the finished product, It offers our customers a variety of surface treatments including ElectrolessNickel Plating, Diffused Nickel Plating, Chrome Plating, The equipment and experience enable to process all Ferrous substrates, including plating Stainless Steel, its Alloys, and Aluminium Alloys service is available throughout the world.

We majorly deal with the following products,

- Nickel Sulphate Hexahydrate

- Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate

- Nickel Nitrate

- Nickel Acetate

- Nickel Carbonate

- Nickel Sulfamate Solution

- Nickel Oxide.

Any requirements from above items can be supplied to SPEC & APPLICATION Levels.